“In diversity, there is beauty and there is strength.”

- Maya Angelou

Leveling The Playing Field

DEI is core to r6catalyst’s foundation and philosophy.  The projects we selectively chose to undertake reflect this philosophy and our commitment to strengthen and empower small and mid-sized firms, often owned by minorities, women and people of color, and to guide and enable them to compete and win mainstream projects.

Through our multiple small business training programs, DBE Supportive Services, Contract Compliance and MWDBE Certification Assistance and Supplier Diversity initiatives, we empower small, disadvantaged, minority, and women business owners with skill-building resources, comprehensive and customized evidence-based training programs, mentorship, networking opportunities and technical assistance. Our goal is to contribute to help remove barriers for underrepresented groups, ensure nondiscrimination and bridge societal racial inequities in the business world.

NYSDOT WorkSmartNY SS/DBE Outreach & Training

For the past five years, r6catalyst has been working with NYSDOT’s Office of Diversity and Opportunity to implement and manage the WorkSmartNY Supportive Services/DBE Orientation & Training Program.  As NYSDOT’s Capital Plan grows each year to upgrade, rehabilitate and modernize New York State’s transportation and infrastructure, opportunities for small and disadvantaged businesses to participate in federal and state funded projects continues to grow.  

The WorkSmartNY program is aimed at providing training, resources, and networking and growth opportunities to certified NYS DMWBEs.  Hundred of firms continue to attend in-person and virtual workshops and events, and thereby, successfully bidding and contracting on NYSDOT projects.

NJDOT Supportive Services Program

Developed and managed by r6catalyst since its launch, NJDOT’s Supportive Services Program is a comprehensive program aligned and monitored under the FHWA guidelines and regulations. The SSP, themed by r6catalyst as the “Bridge to Success” provides in-depth training and technical assistance on business and technical topics and is geared to prepare DBEs to compete, win and perform on transportation and infrastructure projects.  The SSP encompasses assessment of business needs, customized training, matchmaking with Primes and facilitation participation in bidding on NJDOT projects.  

About r6catalyst
For over a decade, r6catalyst has been providing bespoke solutions in Diversity (DEI), Small Business Certification and Training Programs, Organizational Strategy, Marketing and Communications and Executive Coaching & Leadership Development. Our performance on behalf for public and private entities, has resulted in monumental triumphs to our clients and demonstrable success for program participants.